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Coping with Sundays after loss

After a loss, Sundays can be the worst and loneliest day - it feels like everyone else is busy enjoying themselves, and you might even find yourself dreading the weekend.

Sound familiar? What can you do other than crawling under the duvet and hiding?

Here’s some ideas which can help:

  • Pick a Project - make Sunday your busy day when you can immerse yourself in a new project;

    If you want to go for a walk, and you have a camera or smart phone, take it with you and make the walk a focus on the nature around you - take photos of the trees/wild flowers/scenery when walking outdoors. Often people feel a stigma of being out walking on their own when everyone else seems to be with a partner or friends - this way you’re not alone, you’re with your friend the camera and on a mission!

  • Find a new hobby

    If it’s not practical for you to go for a walk, what hobby could you start or take up again at home? Lots of hobbies can be very time consuming as well as enjoyable. It could be doing jigsaws, needlecraft or knitting, making a kit airplane or model animal. Hobbies which involve doing something creative have the added advantage of that sense of achievement afterwards.

  • Volunteering

    Check your local volunteering organisation (such as NCVO) for areas when you can help as a volunteer, ranging from visiting elderly people, helping out at National Trust sites, helping at food banks to dog walking.

  • Book a social event in advance

    Arrange an outing, or a visit to or from friends and PUT IT IN YOUR DIARY

  • Cinema and theatre

    Go to a matinee film or a play, which is often cheaper than evening shows

  • Batch cooking

    Get organised for your week ahead - put individual meals in containers in your freezer - has the added bonus of eating healthily

  • Local events

    Check out what's on locally - from local rambler groups or other local activities such as park and National Trust events. Google can be your friend!


    So the main idea is to make Sunday a day when you’re occupied - it doesn’t have to be so busy that it tires you out, but gives something to look forward to rather than dreading the weekend.

    For more support and help, drop me an email or call me on 0786 407 4684 today to arrange an appointment.

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